What to Say

Dear Representative [Congressperson’s Last Name],

I am writing to express my strong support for House Resolutions H.R. 5142 and H.R. 5143, and to urge you to advocate for their passage. These resolutions address the urgent need for reform in the vaccine compensation system for individuals who have suffered adverse effects from COVID-19 vaccines.

HR5142 seeks to improve the legal process for those harmed by COVID-19 vaccines by moving Covid vaccines out of the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP) which has been deemed a dysfunctional and ineffective program. HR 5142 would transition Covid vaccines to the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. This resolution is crucial because it ensures that individuals, who have experienced significant adverse effects, have effective legal avenues that could lead to meaningful compensation.

Many affected individuals face substantial medical costs and financial hardships, and HR5142 aims to provide them with a fair process to adjudicate their claims. HR5143 complements these efforts by adding additional vaccines to the list of taxable vaccines, providing a mechanism to fund compensation for vaccine injuries.

The passage of these resolutions is essential for restoring public trust and ensuring justice for those who have been adversely affected by COVID-19 vaccines. Your support for HR5142 and HR5143 will demonstrate a commitment to addressing these critical issues and providing much-needed assistance to our constituents.

I respectfully request that you consider co-sponsoring and voting in favor of HR5142 and HR5143. Thank you for your attention to this important matter and for your continued service to our district.